Investing in Crypto Kai Portfolios on TokenSets — The Full Beginners Guide

Left: Crypto Kai Blue Chip Index ($CKB) | Right: Crypto Kai Innovation Index ($CKI)
TokenSets, the gateway into Set Protocol

The Plan… 💡

Important note on allocation

The Guide… 📚


Create your Coinbase account

Coinbase sign up form

Verifying your Coinbase account

Adding your personal information & identity verification

Link a Payment Method

UK Payment Options

Buying ETH with your linked payment method

Creating your Ethereum wallet using Metamask

MetaMask download options
MetaMask Wallet

Sending ETH from Coinbase to MetaMask

Buying Crypto Kai Portfolios on TokenSets

What portfolio should I invest in?

Buying into the portfolios

$CKI Buy Modal
$CKI Confirm Buy Modal + MetaMask Tx
Buy Progress Modals

Adding $CKI and $CKB to your MetaMask

Adding $CKB and $CKI to MetaMask

Tracking performance of your $CKI and $CKB tokens

TokenSets account page

You’ve made it! 🙌

Crypto Kai Discord

Growth @ SetProtocol